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The beginning   


The year 2020 sounded so good to the ear just like 2000 or 2010. Round years for which we make resolutions

important ones that imply changes in our lives.

As far as I was concerned, I saw it that way, with projects that I had in mind. It's quite the opposite that happened for a good number of us with confinement.

One evening of reflection during this period of uncertainty, there were my daughter's colored pencils lying around on the living room table. I took the brown, I drew a tree on a white sheet. Then with red I dodged hearts.

The logo was born!

The next day I went to buy plain sweatshirts in a store, called a sewing shop and asked them to embroider my logo on the sweaters.

And so we left with ideas and the will to continue despite the obstacles of everyday life.

This is the philosophy of Happy &!

The letter “&” in English means “and”  but it is used here to replace the word “end”.

The image illustrates fruits and leaves that fall from the tree but nourish the earth which will give new trees and new fruits… This is the cycle of life. The happy ending.

Product packaging


This 100% cotton hoodie is made in a small company in central Portugal. The employees are from the region and work in good conditions. We have chosen to produce small quantities to guarantee the quality of the product. Resistant and pleasant, our clothes are designed to last, thus limiting overproduction.


Create functional and durable clothing that customers can keep for a long time. We can thus limit overconsumption and make a gesture for the planet. 

We wish to develop while being aware that our time is one of urgency. We will have to innovate to produce, package and ship our products with the minimum carbon impact.

Our message

On a daily basis we all experience contrasting emotions yet we continue to keep the hope of a better tomorrow that pulls us up.

If we fall like the fruit of the tree it is to get up better. This is the motto of Happy &. 




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